Hello and welcome to my Everyday Occupation Blog!

The purpose of this blog is to offer a site for the exchange and sharing of ideas related to my book — The Meaning of Everyday Occupation — as it is used in teaching, learning and research in occupational therapy and occupational science.  The second edition of my book was released by SLACK, Inc. in January 2011.  The Meaning of Everyday Occupation offers a comprehensive exploration and discussion of the characteristics, meanings, and experiences of everyday occupation in our lives.

Everyday occupations are those daily experiences that we typically know as the ordinary habits and routines and activity patterns of daily life.  The premise of the book is that these occupations are not really “ordinary” at all.  Rather, our daily routines and activities are complex, nuanced, and richly meaningful — contributing significantly to our sense of well-being.  If our everyday occupations are disrupted for whatever reason for an appreciable length of time, we likely do not feel that things are “right” and a sense of unease and discomfort can be the result. It is the experiencing of everyday occupation that is the focus of this book.

The Meaning of Everyday Occupation is designed to stimulate students, clinicians and researchers to understand the personal and social significance of everyday occupation in their own and their clients’ lives. Verbatim narratives from occupational therapists in practice and excerpts from my own life are integrated with theories of occupation and occupational science throughout the book.  Emerging trends in theories of occupation and practice are examined — globalization, populations and systems as clients, and the increasing emphasis on experiential definitions of occupation in education, practice, and research.

Here’s to good reading, thinking, questioning and sharing in this blog!

Betty R. Hasselkus

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  1. Betty, I’m delighted to find your blog here, and I”m so glad you are staying involved in this creative and powerful way! I’ve had and used the first edition of your book, and I’m looking forward to having the second now.


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