Occupation Haiku at Brenau University

In the fall of 2014, I did some postings on Haiku poetry and the way it grasps the essence of the everyday — in the moment, experiential, transparent meaning (no need for an explanation), reflecting everyday-ness, in the present tense.

My colleague Barbara Schell at Brenau University was taken with the thought of Haiku related to occupation.  She and a faculty member from the English Department developed a Haiku contest among students, complete with competition and awards. They held the contest again this past April, and the winning Haiku poems are shared here.

First place, Katelyn Rochford-Price

1.   Sucking life and milk,
Sucking sleep and money too–
My sweet parasite

Second Place:  Stephanie Bair

2.  Walking along here
No end in sight to the path
But light exists here!

Third Place:  Katharyn (Kacey) Reynolds

3.  Sunlight through curtains
Don’t want to get up just yet
Silent warm cocoon

Congratulations to these winners!  And let yourself feel the sweetness of that newborn baby in the first-place Haiku poem above!  


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