The Month of March

Today is the first day of March, 2016.  March — the month that ushers in signs of spring, that signals the approaching end of our “winter-weary” days.  Friend, colleague and poet Jim Batt shared one of his poems with me — “March Scripts Its Debut.”  How beautifully the poet captures the essences of everyday phenomena in our lives.

March Scripts Its Debut
By James R. Batt

Old March bestirs itself,
shaking off winter grime of tired snows,
remnant leaves, weeds and brush,
sending the lot of it tossing,
tumbling, blowing
with sharp-edged blasts
across lawns and parking lots alike.
Still pale but promising,
a winter-weary sun lounges yet,
late and low, hovering over
the southern edge of the land.

Somewhere, a kite caresses the sky.
A young boy, tethered to it by
a long line of string and hope,
marvels at the fancy of flight,
at the moving patch of brilliant color
he now sends singing about
the azure blue above.
Down the street, a woman cracks open a door,
steps outside, hugs herself from the
cold, picks up the morning paper
and returns to warm home, hot coffee.

A dog barks.
March continues writing its scenario.


© James R. Batt, 2016.


3 thoughts on “The Month of March

  1. Hi Betty,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem. Yesterday, I was reminded of a previous blog of yours when a friend pointed out the first vulture of the season.


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