The Ceramic Baker

My niece, Deb, is an accomplished photographer.  She lives in the area around Chicago and one of her special interests is in the architectural details of old and new buildings.  She has had her photographs published on 4 websites:  Chicagoist; Curbed Chicago; Gapers Block; and TimeOut Chicago.  I look forward every day to her sometimes whimsical and sometimes beautiful online posts.

Deb was recently in England, and one of her “finds” architecturally was the series of figures below, portraying the everyday tasks of a baker in London.  The figures are ceramic with white and blue glazes, approximately 1.2m high and 50cm wide, created in 1926.  They are arranged across the front facade of what used to be the Nordheim Model Bakery on Widegate Street. The sculptor was P. Lindsay Clark who lived from (1899-1977), son of an earlier architectural sculptor Robert Lindsey Clark.

Directly below is the first of the series of four ceramic reliefs — the delivery man bringing in the bags of flour.  The second through fourth ceramic reliefs are in the posts that directly follow this one.  (For some reason WordPress would not let me put them all in one post.)  The web site is

England Baker #1


















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