My Left Knee

Well, folks, I am off to the hospital tomorrow for a total knee replacement.  I feel a haiku coming . . . .

Left knee replacement.
They say bionic woman,
I say scary stuff!

This feels surreal.  I am giving myself occupational therapy:

  • Attended a class on the surgery and rehabilitation processes
  • Borrowed a bath bench and walker from a friend
  • Purchased a suction grab bar for the shower
  • Taught Ed how to use my cell phone (he doesn’t have one) and how to run the washing machine
  • Ordered an iPad with keyboard so I won’t have to go down to the basement where my desktop computer resides
  • Put a few things in the freezer for future dinners
  • Even contemplated getting a sock aid.

I have talked to numerous friends who have had this procedure done, each one eager to give me the story of his or her knee replacement and to offer advice.  All of them have been helpful to me as I think through various options and questions.  I have been doing knee exercises since last summer — “religiously” (that’s always the adverb used).  I have visited a rehab facility that might be needed post-hospitalization if I can’t go directly home (2-story house, no extra room on the first floor).

A few more odds and ends to take care of today.

So off I go, and I’ll be in touch in a few days.  Betty


9 thoughts on “My Left Knee

  1. Wishing you all the best, Betty. I have several friends who’ve had knee replacements (from 49 to 69 years old) and all have had great success. I certainly don’t need to tell you to “take good care of yourself”, because you are clearly doing that. Just keep it up.
    Warm best,


  2. Betty, keeping you in my thoughts – Im sure the surgery will be a huge success. Wishing you the speediest recovery, Alison xx


  3. Thinking of you and knowing you will do well. I use a pool of people with new knees and hips so you might think about that in the future..take care and write us about the experience…


  4. Betty – My thoughts are with you as I hope for a speedy recovery. You surely have a great OT in your camp 🙂 Wendy


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