An Occupation Haiku Contest!

Shortly after the spurt of haiku postings and comments on this blog last Fall, Barb Schell, Director of the School of Occupational Therapy at Brenau University in Georgia, contacted me with the idea for a haiku contest among students and faculty in the School of Occupational Therapy and the English program.  The contest would honor and draw attention to both Occupational Therapy Month and Poetry Month.  She asked me to help pick the winners and It was a pleasure to take part in the process!

The winners were declared last week, and an award ceremony was held.  Cash prizes went to the student winners and Honorable Mentions to the faculty winners.  Judging was based on the Haiku entry as “in the moment,” experiential, a reflection of everyday-ness, and as having no need for explanation.

Student Winners

1st Place:  Sara Propes

My feet pound the sand
The earth is calm and quiet
I watch the sun rise

2nd Place:  Leigh Anne Viswanathan

The mountain is high
And the folding unending
I hate laundry day

3rd Place:  Kelley Cohron

This wine was on sale
And the shoes that I’m wearing
Sweet satisfaction

Faculty Honorees

1.  Nancy Fowler

No birds singing yet
Early darkness is deep, still
Rest falls on my heart

2.  Lori Gann-Smith

Sis, thread my needle
Stitches dim and dart away,
I can still help baste.

3.  Rudi Kiefer

Putting my shoes on
Is no longer a problem
Thank God for Oh-tee!

I enjoyed every single one of the entries, winners or not — each was a creative gem!

Congratulations to all and thank you for inviting me to take part.  And now, next year . . . . .

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