Turkey Vultures Again!

Last evening, while finishing our supper and looking out at the end-of-day sky, Ed suddenly saw them — the turkey vultures were back!  Their return from their migration south for the winter is a much anticipated sign of Spring for us.  We counted 10 of them, circling and soaring in the sky, silhouetted against the fading light.  Right on time!

Turkey Vulture Flying

This is the fourth year I have noted their arrival on this blog. The first year, 2012, they arrived on March 19; this year it was March 16.  I’m thinking this is an advance scouting group of the vultures because the numbers are not yet up to the 30-40 or more we have seen in past years.  We will be anxiously watching tonight for the larger numbers.

That first year, 2012, they all roosted next door to us in a huge spruce tree.  Since then they have chosen another nearby area to rest on their journey, but we can still see them in the sky as they soar around looking for food.

Maybe all is not right in this world of ours, but at least something is right. The larger rhythms of our lives continue to be present and robust, no matter what else is going on around us. The turkey vultures are back!

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