Again, the Turkey Vultures!

Here they are again.  Right on time.  It’s March, and the turkey vultures are back.  Two years ago in March, I did my first posting about discovering the masses of turkey vultures as they soared in the sky and roosted in our neighbor’s very tall spruce tree — on their way north for the summer.  Last year, I posted a little earlier — March 19 — that they were back again.  And now they have once more arrived — the first ones 3 days ago, on March 18.  Ed and I both get kind of ridiculously excited to see them back.  We continue to find it amazing how they travel across hundreds of miles every year, on their way north, and repeatedly make a stop in this tiny corner of the earth — our own yard and neighborhood.

Turkey Vulture Flying

We never tire of watching them soar in the sky overhead, as many as 40-50 of them at once.  A sure sign that Spring will actually be here before long!

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