The Turkey Vultures are Back!

Once again, they are here — the turkey vultures.  They are back in our neighborhood, soaring in the sky over our houses, taking a temporary rest in the nearby tall trees, making this place a stop on their journey north for the summer.  Once again, as I stated in my blog posting almost exactly one year ago (March 19, 2012), their return each spring suggests to me a state of well-being and “all’s right with the world.”  Once again, I feel the presence of the larger rhythms of life and a sense of belonging-ness in the world community.  Once again, the turkey vultures have come back, adding the extraordinary to the usual and ordinary routines of our days.

Turkey Vulture Flying

One thought on “The Turkey Vultures are Back!

  1. Hi Betty – how wonderful to have this experience every year. We have to travel further afield (well to other countries) to see vultures but they are so magnificent. Our rites of spring are smaller but no less welcome – new lambs frolicking in the fields, crocuses and daffodils opening their faces to the sun.
    Best wishes, Bel


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