The Other Side of the Coin!

In response to my March 19  posting (below), a colleague at SLACK Inc. shared this short video on turkey vultures with me (see link below).  A town in New Jersey is now the wintering place for a large flock of turkey vultures; their original woodsy habitat was destroyed to make way for an industrial development.  The video delves into daily life for the people of this town as they share their space and everyday lives with this group of birds — complete with roosting, feeding, soaring, and, yes, pooping everyday, everywhere.  Appreciation for the species is still there, but not with quite the philosophical renderings that I gave in my previous posting.

Here is the other side of the coin — do take a look and enjoy the townspeople as they express their wonderment, irritation, joy, understandings and misunderstandings of these new inhabitants of their town of Wenonah, New Jersey.  

Click to watch a short documentary film Roost

P.S.  I now know how to set up links in the posting so that you can bring up the link by just clicking on it.  I have scanned back through all the previous postings and revised them to be active links.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

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