Auckland’s “Spotlight on Occupation”

About two weeks ago, I received the most recent issue (#8) of a relatively new online publication “Spotlight on Occupation” coming out of the Department of Occupational Science & Therapy, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand. “Spotlight on Occupation” is published online 3 times a year; the editors are all faculty from the AUT University — Clare Hocking, Jenni Mace, Sandy Rutherford and Valerie Wright-St Clair. The purpose of the newsletter is to promote the profession’s access to and application of day-to-day knowledge by offering “reviews of occupational science, occupational therapy and occupation focused practice articles generated in New Zealand and overseas.”

As the editors state in the first issue, “the glue that holds all of the newsletter items together is the growing understanding of humans as occupational beings and the complexities and meanings of the occupations themselves. By ‘occupation’ we mean the everyday things people of all ages do to occupy their time.”

“Spotlight on Occupation” aims to appeal to health, rehabilitation and community practitioners — or anyone whose practice is about promoting people’s participation in the home and community. Titles for articles reviewed in the most recent issue #8 are: Sticking to the Plot: The Nature and Meaning of Family Routines in the Context of Adolescent Mental Illness; Barriers to Participation in Recreation within Open-spaces Encountered by People with Impairments: A Qualitative-descriptive Study; Being Occupied with What Matters in Advanced Age; and Professional Development for Occupation-Centred Practice. Also included in this issue is information on related web sites and an upcoming study program.

The editors encourage readers to share “Spotlight” with any and all interested persons. Click here for previous and current issues. For comments, contributions or questions contact: Annis Huang at

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